Can I participate if I'm not affiliated with a Sheriff's Office or CAL OES?

To ensure coverage of California's Worker's Compensation and limited liability benefits,you must be a professional or Search & Rescue (SAR) Volunteer with one of the 58 California County Sheriff's or Cal OES. If you are a SAR Volunteer, you shall be registered as a Disaster Service Worker Volunteer within California's Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program, in good standing with your Accredited Disaster Service Council (58 California County Sheriff's or Cal OES), and have received preauthorization from your Sheriff's or Cal OES SAR Coordinator to participate in the SAREX 2019 training event.

Are there RV/camper hookups available on site?

There are limited power hookups available, but we can not guarantee availability. A bath house with showers is available as part of the registration fee. Please plan to be without hookups for the duration of SAREX2019. Sites will be issued on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I bring my large camper?

We will have limited space for large campers and there is an extra fee associated. Please see registration details for more information.

Are there shower facilities available?

All attendees will have access to showers in the central bath house. Anyone who chooses to pay for a semi-private room will have separate shower facilities in their semi-private building.

I have dietary restrictions, should I bring my own meals?

The facility will provide gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan meal options. PLEASE be sure to select these when registering! The kitchen is free of peanuts, almonds, cashews and most nuts, but they do use pine nuts and sunflower products. Anyone with severe food allergies should contact sarex@marinsar.org BEFORE registering for special meal accommodations.

Do I need to bring my own utensils/mugs/cups?

No. Walker Creek Ranch supplies all this for meals.

Can I cook my own meals at my campsite?

No. Sorry! Walker Creek Ranch does not allow for campfires or cooking in locations other than the main dining hall. Per their site requirements, all attendees present and participating in the event are expected to take meals in the dining hall.

Can we have a campfire in our campsite?

No. There is a firepit at Walker Creek Ranch. It is the only site where open fires are allowed. We plan to have a fire there Saturday evening.

Is there potable water available on site?


Is there ample parking for my team?

Parking at Walker Creek Ranch is very limited. We strongly encourage people to carpool. Please let us know during check-in at the site if you will need to move your vehicle during the event, or you may be blocked in for the duration.

I can only come on Saturday, is that an option?

Yes! Saturday only is an option and registration will include lunch and dinner.

I can't arrive until Saturday morning, do I need to pay for the full weekend?

No. There is a registration option that is for one-night only and includes all meals from Saturday lunch through the end of the event.

I need to leave Saturday evening, do I need to pay for the full weekend?

If you are only on site for Saturday, we have a one day option. If you arrive Friday to participate on Friday and Saturday, you will need to register for the full weekend.

Can I bring my dog who is not a trained Search & Rescue K9?

Sorry no. Only trained service animals are allowed on site at Walker Creek Ranch.

Can I bring my mount to SAREX2019?

Yes! We've received permission to have horses on site at Walker Creek Ranch. Limits to the number allowed may be a factor. Contact our Mounted Track leader, Robert Eichstaedt (roberte@marinsar.org) with questions.